Where The Wild Things Are

2 years ago we fired up a sour / wild beer program and with Phil’s experience from running the show at The Bruery a century ago we knew some amazing beers would be coming our way. Yup, we were right. We were also right that waiting sucks. Thankfully that part is over! Phil and his army of bugs have done amazing work and the base beers are tasting like liquid heaven. Now we get to start the epic final treatments - some killer fruits, dry-hopping, who knows what.  We will only be releasing 200-300 bottles per batch in the tasting rooms.  No shipping or distribution.  So stay tuned to our smoke signals, email, or social media for updates on releases and bottle quantities.  

First up - Radberry Wild (release info).  A wild blonde ale aged for 2 years in chardonnay oak barrels with a double secret blend of lacto, pedio, and brett.  Then finally conditioned on a shipload of raspberry puree.  The final result - funky, bretty, and slightly tart with a five finger death punch to the palate of red raspberry.  Funky funky fruity party time.  

(Please note that due to an insane amount of raspberry puree used in this beer we will only be doing bottle pours in the tasting rooms.  These beers will not be sold to go, except for in your belly.  Once you drink it you may leave, eventually.) 

We will start popping bottles Tuesday 2/26 in all 3 tasting rooms.