St Jameson Stout

St Jameson Stout release Saturday 2/23 - on tap and 4pks 16oz cans. Slater’s 50/50 truck will be at the brewery 6-9pm. Beer/cans will be available at all 3 tasting rooms.

This beer has a killer history. One that involves horse riding leprechauns, questionable origins, and one of the best / shortest lived dive bars we’ve had in the south bay. This story has been pieced together through blurry accounts from less than trustworthy sources. Identities have been changed to protect the guilty (except Nik, that’s him right there, but he wasn’t born yet when all of this was happening). On to the fable…

Deliciously magical beer.

Deliciously magical beer.

Long before we opened this brewery Jameson, a good friend and well known angry little fella, would brew this special beer for the legendary Gasser Lounge (RIP) in Redondo Beach.  The process would start 2 months before St Patrick’s day.  The bar and brew crew would gather for an epic spilling of various Irish whiskeys.  At some point during the night they would remember to save enough to soak pounds of oak spirals and the next day, with a crushing hangover, they would fire up the turkey friers, boil some wort, then stash the concoction for 6 weeks of fermentation and aging on drunken oak.  

The final product was the original version of St Jameson Stout - an obsidian colored dry stout, with hints of vanilla and Irish whiskey (at least that’s what it should taste like.  Honestly, every year was a blur - the brew day and the consumption day - so who knows what they ended up with)  St Patrick’s day would come around, that keg would get crushed in minutes, and they would have to wait a year to do it again.  Once we opened the brewery we knew we had to keep tradition alive, especially after the Gasser had departed.  So please enjoy a pint or four and if you ever had the original at the Gasser consider yourself a lucky local.