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In case you haven’t heard there is this awesome brewery just east of the beach called Claremont Craft Ales.  We have been big fans of theirs since we first had Jacaranda Rye IPA over 4 years ago.  Since then we have become good friends through sharing ingredients, sharing a local distributor, and an overall mutual respect for their brewing skill.

And what better reasons to collaborate on a beer?  Well, not “a” beer, but two beers.  We didn’t want this to be a typical collaboration that ends up just being a brewery’s name on another brewery’s can.  So we decided to mash up a couple beers and see what came out.

Our brew – Tiki Jac IPA – is our Tiki Hut IPA recipe w/ a hint Claremont’s Jacaranda Rye IPA.  Rye spice malt bill w/ a big juicy tropical hop layered on top

Their brew – Tiki Hut Dry IPA – is their awesome Mosaic Dry IPA w/ a hint of our Tiki Hut IPA hop profile.  Bone dry west coast style IPA w/ dank mosaic and tropically fantastic citra sending a roundhouse kick to your pallet.

The can art also shows the true idea of collaboration.  You’ll recognize Claremont’s eye-catching unique can layout with a classic King Harbor beach photo background.

Tiki Jac IPA will be available in 4packs in our tasting rooms starting this Friday at 2pm.  Tiki Hut Dry IPA will be available through Claremont Craft Ales.  Check their social media for release info.

Party Time!

Tom // King Harbor Crew


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