Cans rule.  They travel well.  You can pack them in, crush them, and haul ’em out.  No broken glass to worry about.  They are light weight and a superior packaging to glass bottles.  They are essentially bad ass little mini kegs.

We like to take our cans golfing, on surf trips, volleyball tournaments, hiking, just about anywhere that we go and that deserves a delicious cold brew during or after.  We also love to see where you take King Harbor cans.  So this summer we are putting on a little social media fiesta – #WhereYouCan.

We partnered up with some great local brands – Hippy Tree, Globe, and Smack Sports Wear – who will be giving out gear for their favorite photos.  Here’s what you do:

-Snap a radical photo of a King Harbor can, post it to Instagram, and tag it with #WhereYouCan and @KingHarborBrew.

-We will share some of our favorite photos on the King Harbor Instagram and pick a winner each week.

We can’t wait to see where you take King Harbor cans!

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