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On Saturday April 1st 2017 we will be spilling a few beers in celebration of putting 3 years in the rear view mirror.  However, anniversaries are not just about celebrating a date on a calendar.  They are about celebrating a bunch of radical achievements and this year we hit some key milestones:

-Doubled our warehouse space even though we were sad to see Al and the batting cages go.
-Added an 800 sqft cold box on site so that we don’t have to haul beer to an offsite cold storage after every packaging run.
-Added 16oz cans to our package line up because we like to drink beer on the golf course and at the beach.
-Fine tuned some new awesome beers; how delicious are Tiki Hut and Sink w/ California?!
-Not blowing up the brewery (for a third year in a row!)
-Not drinking all the beer ourselves (which means we actually sold some!).
-Made a lot of cool spreadsheets in excel.
-Didn’t get kicked out of an airbnb, but it was close!
-Started distribution in Northern California.
-And finally – threw another awesome party / parking lot beer garden anniversary fiesta, which went off without a hitch, no one drowned in the dunk tank or got electrocuted when we tapped a King Swirly cask on stage while the band was playing!*

We hope you can join us to consume copious amounts of delicious beer, throw some wild pitches at a dunk tank, dance to sweet local live tunes, grub at killer food trucks, and maybe shotgun a couple bottles of King Swirly.


*this written before the event, let’s hope we weren’t wrong!

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