We’ve hit one of those major milestones in the life of a start up brewery – our tanks have arrived.  So far we have received two 30 bbl fermentation tanks, one 30 bbl brite tank, and one 30 bbl hot liquor tank and now we are expecting the brewhouse in mid October.  While all these parts, including the grist case that we also received, are really cool the real excitement was in the failed extraction attempt.

A key part of this brewery is that the owners are doing as much as we can ourselves.  Some tasks like framing bathrooms, laying new gas and sewer lines, and installing the glycol chiller either need someone with experience or a contractor’s stamp for city approval, but other things like brewery design, building the bar, saw cutting concrete, and (as we previously thought) getting the tanks out of the shipping containers should be doable on our own.  So maybe we were just a little wrong on this one.  Armed with two forklifts, a few yards of chain, and a handful of people we quickly realized we forgot one crucial piece – forklift extensions.  Turns out the little 42″ forks were no where near close enough to get under the tanks.  However, we took a shot at it anyway and it wasn’t until we were about to pull out the first tank that everyone quickly realized the ridiculousness of the whole situation.  So we called up our friends at El Segundo Brewing Co. who had warned us the night before and they hooked us up with the Dunkel Brothers.   Thanks to those guys the tanks made it out safely are resting comfortably in the building.

Any sketchy operation requires an ambulance on site.

Any sketchy operation requires an ambulance on site.


First look at the goods, which was quickly followed by “Oh dude, this is not going to work.”


Our saviors.


So it’s that easy when you have the right the equipment?


Chillin out

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